While Kundasang is a mere transit stop to those visiting Kinabalu National Park, we wish to highlight several notable points of interests around town.

Kundasang War Memorial – Lest We Forget

The Kundasang War Memorial was established as a tribute to World War II prisoners of war who died during the Sandakan Death Marches in 1945. At the time of the marches, 1787 Australians and 641 British prisoners died at, or between, Sandakan and Ranau. Only 6 Australian soldiers survived the war.

In 1962, the Memorial was erected with a competition winning entry design by resident architect J.C. Robinson. Within lies the interlocking Australian Garden, English Garden, and Borneo Garden to commemorate all of the Allied soldiers’ homelands.

Sabah Tea Plantation

Sabah Tea Plantation surrounded by the world’s oldest rainforest of 130 million years old, covers 25 square kilometres at 693 metres above sea level.

The largest single commercial tea plantation in Borneo with approximately 4 square kilometres endowed with Camellia sinensis, it is also one of the very few tea plantations in the world certified to produce pesticide-free organic tea.

Poring Hot Springs

Poring’s natural hot springs are driven by the same volcanic forces that fashioned Mount Kinabalu. Here you will find Borneo’s first butterfly farm and the Poring Orchid Conservation Centre with over 1,200 species — the largest collection of Sabah’s endemic orchids.

Another noteworthy feature here is the suspended Canopy Walkway, which permits you to stroll 41 metres above the rainforest floor.


For a high country sporting challenge, Mount Kinabalu Golf Club is a 18 hole golf course is perched 2,000 metres above sea level, at the base of Mount Kinabalu.

Spectacular views of the mountain offer a welcome distraction to your game, as well as a dramatic backdrop to every hole.